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Although ArbroathSmokiesDirect.co.uk is the idea of Stuart Scott and is run by Stuart and his wife Audrey. Now approaching three years on we're selling our local delicacy online across the nation, keeping us busy with new and returning customers weekly.


We have 26 years experience in fish smoking the traditional way and using vacuum packing and a 1st class courier we send Smokies nationwide from our shop by the Arbroath harbour.


Recently Arbroath Smokies have won Protected Geographical Indication which lets you know our Arbroath Smokies are actually genuine and are up to such a uniquely high standard that only we can make them, if anyone is producing Arbroath Smokies out-with the 10 mile radius of Arbroath Harbour they cannot legally be called an Arbroath Smokies. Although other names like the Swankies, Spinks and Smith are also sunonumous to the fishing community in Arbroath, Stuart Scott of arbroathsmokiesdirect is certainly making a name for himself...although being from a 2nd generation, bourne into a Traditional Family run fish-smoking business he has a cheerful way to enjoy his passion for making and selling Arbroath Smokies by being the first to use a web-video. 'Eat your heart out Brad Pitt!'

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We Hot-Smoke our Arbroath Smokies every Monday, send Tuesday to be with you Wednesday.


We post anywhere in UK. Our fish are fully cooked, vacuum-packed, insulate wrapped and have a 2-cell gel-cool pack enclosed to ensure you receive them in the best condition. Just click here to buy fish and select the day you'd like yours delivered.


Orders before Monday 6pm for same week delivery. Order thereafter (Tues-Mon) for the following Wednesday.

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Our fish are caught from the North Sea and are then fully cooked, Hot-Smoked. Arbroath Smokies will be 400-600g's in weight' as are the Roast Salmon. Our Famous Roast Salmon is Scottish Farmed and has been pin-boned.


Delivery Information

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Just click on the Wednesday that you would like your order delivered using the calendar above, then click on the amount of ready to eat fish you require to order (We sell Real Arbroath Smokies and also Roast Salmon).


Order by Monday 6pm for delivery on Wednesday (orders taken Tuesday to Monday for following Wednesday). Choose Standard Delivery and we'll send your order out by Royal Mails 1st Class Service, Vac-Pac'd, gel-pack cooled and insul-wrapped. Dispatched Tuesday to be with you no later than Thursday.


Or for guaranteed Wednesday delivery choose Speedy Delivery on step 3 above for just £1.75 more per pair. If you 'd like to leave special instruction 'if not in...leave next door...etc' please simply fill in the special instructions alongside the delivery address.


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Alternatively, if you prefer feel free to call us direct in Arbroath on 01241 876254 and place your order where we can also take card payments by phone.


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Arbroath Smokies by Post

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Our gift vouchers entitles the holder to purchase our fresh Vacuum Packed Arbroath Smokies or our Famous Roast Salmon, to be delivered anywhere in mainland U.K. to your door.


You can print or email the gift voucher - and if you are buying the gift voucher for a friend the voucher will be automatically sent to them for printing or redeeming.


How to redeem your gift voucher

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Payment Information
We accept all major credit cards and for your enhanced security all payments are processed using PayPals secure payment gateway.


Telephone Orders

Alternatively, if you prefer to order a voucher direct feel free to call us in Arbroath on 01241 876254 where we can also take card payments by phone.


Please note: We only deliver to locations within mainland UK  
Customer Feedback "The finest Arbroath Smokies by post"


Arbroath Smokies by Post

What are Fellowship Arbroath Smokies?

Our local delicacy delivered to your door......and all profits of the purchase price goes directly to 'Foundation Charity'...a charity supported by voluntary contributions from rotarians, friends and donations from the general public who share it's vision of a better world.

Foundation Charity no.1002059

Since Rotary became involved in Polio eradication in 1985 the number of reported cases has fallen from....

  • 350,000 a year to 1,000.
  • 125 endemic countries reduced to just 4.
  • 2 Billion children have been protected so far.

Bill Gates has pledged $125 million to Rotary international - The only charity he's awarded such a pledge to thus matching 'pound for pound' or rather 'dollar for dollar' all contributions made from your purchase of Arbroath Fellowship Smokies.

Thanks for your order.

Stuart Scott, Partner arbroathsmokiesdirect, Stuarts Fresh Fish

Foundation Committee, The Rotary Club of Arbroath

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Stuarts Fresh Fish - Sellers of the finest Arbroath Smokies

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Stuarts Open Smokie

Stuart's Open Smokie

Just add a slice of streaky bacon on top of each side of your open smokie and grill...once the bacon is cooked the smokie has reheated.

Smoked Salmon

Hot Roast Salmon

Simply wrap in a piece of tin foil and bake in medium oven for 15 minutes allowing to reheat in it's owns natural fish oil full of omega 3

Recent Recipes

Fish Recipe - Quick Tips

Risotto with an Arbroath twist is also a fresh change add a handful of chunks of Arbroath Smokie fish to the dish with a handful of dice-sized crab sticks for the taste of Arbroath.

(Cullen skink originally made with 'finnan-haddie' cold smoked haddock) is brilliant with flakes of Arbroath Smokies too, Arbroath Smokies delivered to your door! Why not?

Sandwiches filled with flaked roast salmon on its own or with a sprinkle of lime juice or mixed with mayonnaise, fresh lemon and cream cheese works really well

Pasta dishes hot or cold; Make your favourite pasta dish then add flaked roast salmon (ready to eat) to your meal for a healthy lift full of omega 3 natural fish oils 'beats tuna by miles'eo

Auf Wiedersehen Timothy! Actor visits Arbroath

''Auf wiedersehen, Arbroath.'' ''We would have enjoyed a few more days here, but did sample the town's famous delicacy- the Arbroath Smokie.'

Of course we bought a humble haddock from the home of the world famous smokie before we departed. Smoking haddock is still a cottage industry in Arbroath-we saw the smoke coming from a back garden as we entered the harbour. 'According to my leaflet from Stuart's Fresh Fish ''your nose will tell you where- as you walk through the fit o' the toon''

Timothy Spall, Harry Potter actor and his wife Shane

Timothy Spall, Harry Potter actor and his wife Shane.....on visiting arbroathsmokiesdirect's shop outlet by the harbour April 2011 Stuarts Fresh Fish

More Feedback...

"Hi Stuart, The most excellent looking arbroath smokies have been delivered to me! I will be having them tonight, Thanks for the good service! I will no doubt be requesting more!. .
Regards Ralph

Just to let you know that I bought and received the 2 packs of smokies. They were yummy.

Dear Stuart, I am very happy to wait till your Despatch Date ,My Dad and i Very much enjoyed the last smokies ,we used to holiday in scotland as a family 30 years ago ,and its great to try them again ,Thanks Tim and John Mower.

Dear francesca,
I shall make a special run to the post office later today to make sure your order reaches you as originaly planned.
Ta Stuart
Oh that's fantastic
Thanks so much!
Sent from my iPhone

Eileenaps@... Many thanks. P.S. Your fish is absolutely the freshest and the best!

smartterm1@...... Subject: Re: Arbroath Delicacy....'on the way' Received thankyou!!

Stuart, Thanks for your prompt reply and useful advice.I am sure the kippers wll be excellent . I am most impressed by the personal attention given to your customers.Keep up the good work. Best wishes, Gordon.

Aw, bless you!!!
My Father used to love the Smoky... We had Scottish connections 40 odd years ago, friends used to be instructed to 'bring some back' from visits home to Scotland. We lived in Essex, so quite a feat!
My Mum is on her own now, this is a belated 85th birthday gift and a complete surprise, so your care and concern are deeply appreciated! Fortunately, there is a decent sized box for post where she lives, the package will be safe I am sure.
Many thanks - especially for sorting it out this evening!

The smokies were delicious and received very quickly
Thanks again

Smokies arrived yesterday, safe and lovely. Mother was very, very pleased. Delicious!
We shall be ordering more, dreckly, as they say here in Cornwall!
Many thanks again,

Thank you so much for the delicious smokie pate, which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Pamela H.

Hi Stuart
Thanks for the very prompt delivery of the smokies, my “valentine” is cooking them tonight for me (even though I bought them for him!).
I’m looking forward to trying them!

Stuart Received and consumed thanks very much will be in touch again soon

Smokies arrived this morning at 9.30 am. I am delighted. Now for the fish pie. I noticed that another of your customers had made the same recipe as the one I am making and she said it was gorgeous, gorgeous so I hope it is.
Thank you for your help.

I have to say what excellent service I received when talking with you and I am pleased to confirm that I have receivd the replacement consignment in rapid time. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to my dinner tomorrow.
Best regards
Guy Adams

Re: Arbroath Delicacy....'on the way'
Excellent thanks, If no reply you can leave in garage. But someone should be in. Thanks again.

Hi Stuart, Thanks for your message. Will you please send smokies on Thurs. this week as mentioned. Cant wait to get my hands on them!!!

Susan Mc..... Never had a cosy smokie like it ! ! + the salmon was delicious

Arbroath SmokiesTimothy & Shane Spall (somewhere) at sea. Arbroath Smokies Guys, nice to see you in my fish-shop by Arbroath Harbour, Hope you enjoy my wifes Smokie-Pate. Oh, meant to say to you Timothy I also met 'Robbie Coltrane' one day whilst out door-to-door on the fish-van, he was really witty too....just slowly working my way round the whole cast of ' Harry Potter' any idea where that Maggie Smith buys her fish? (fish-stalker?)All the Best, Stuart. Stuarts Fresh Fish

RE: Arbroath Delicacy....'on the way'
Excellent - thanks - our front porch is open and can be safely left there or just outside porch door if it should be hot. Best wishes Linda M.

Hi Stuart
The smokies were very tastie to be recommended and I shall certainly purchase again David B.

Hi Stuart,
Fish received all in one piece! Thanks for that. Great business idea, means I don't have to wait to get my taste of home until I am home visiting relatives.
A M Lawrence

Hi Stuart thanks for your reply
smokies well consumed and enjoyed

Hi. Next Wednesday is perfect. It's a present for a Scottish friend who's on holiday in Cornwall next week (good job you didn't send it today!) Any chance you could add a message "Happy birthday Ken from the Baileys" ?
Jos B.

Great! Thanks for getting back to me. Regards Gilly

Hi, ordered your smokies & roast salmon & what a wonderful surprise to taste such lovely fish.
I just wondered if you can freeze the smokies or salmon?
Many Thanks & keep up the good work Nina Macey

RE: smokies
thanks got them wednesday morning
Alison B.

Hi Stuart,
Dad got them and is delighted as usual!

Lovely Smokie Stuart Very tasty! Mmmmm….! Dave

Arbroath Delicacy....'on the way'
My Dad got the smokies OK.
Thanks Stuart.

Hi Stuart
Thanks for reply, We have tried your smokies and they were delicious, Thanks for the offer of the roast salmon yes we would love to try it And will certainly order again when we have used them all, and we have recommended them To the rest of the family and friends.
Thanks Viv

Hi Just had the Salmon part of my birthday fish from your good selves. Lovely. Smokies next.
Many thanks, Mark

Thank you, smokies arrived on time as promised, very tasty, we will placing another order very soon, All the best.... steve and marie York

Stuart Just to let you know that the smokies arrived and my mother is very pleased with them. Fiona

Hi stuart smokies have arrived brother in law over the moon.
Many thanks John

Bought 2 lovely pieces of yellow haddock this afternoon. Just ate them poached in milk with 2 poached eggs. Very very yummy!

Hi Stuart,
Smokies arrived today & I have just delivered them to my very happy father-in-law. Thank you so very much.

Thanks Stuart. They arrived today, and I'm sure they'll be delicious!
Joy Fulton.

Paul Ryan
A1 Stuart. Delivery and taste better than A1! Will buy again.
Cheers, PAUL

Hi Stuart, A1 the smokies, not had the salmon, the missus has her eyes on it! Cheers again. PAUL :)

Fantastic, ta very much. Cant wait! Hilary and Mick

Hi Stuart
Received the Arbroath smokies and salmon, got to say absolutely brilliant. Smokies fantastic, Salmon to die for. Thanks for such good service. no hesitation in ordering again.
Ruth and Andy

Hi Stuart
Arrived today. Thank you. We will be eating them this evening.
Kind regards

Thanks very much so sorry for my mix up. Mr. M has received his parcel and is well delighted. thanks again
Mrs. D Burnett

Hi Stuart
Not problems, and many thanks for the pate

HI,smokies received and eaten-never had them before and they are delicious.You will be hearing from us again soon. John Doidge

Arrived today many thanks
Kenneth S.

Arrived today many thanks
Kenneth S.

Hi Stuart,
Worth waiting for the fresh to be honest.
Have made smoked haddock risotto before, but not with Arbroath Smokies. Have had them before but from another supplier.
When you are ready is fine – they are superb so worth waiting for!!
Best Wishes

Thanks, arrived safely and promptly. May need more before Christmas! Kerry

Good Morning Stuart, Thanks for prompt delivery of wonderful, wonderful tasting Arbroath Smokies and Hot Smoked Salmon. The Salmon is the best ever and I've just put in another order to have for our Christmas Dinner. My mouth's watering already in anticipation! Thanks again and Kind Regards, Peggy-Ann Courtman

Hi Stuart
Thanks for the Smokies, delicious.
Regards Terry Bagnall

Received the package, froze all but one piece of salmon which I am enjoying some of for lunch right now before going to the Hospital. And I mean enjoying!!!
Thank you, a blessed Christmas to you, a bit early but the wishes will last...

Hi Stuart
Thanks for letting me know, have a great christmas.
Kind regards

Hi Stuart
Many thanks they arrived safely this morning.

Received order today......many thanks. How long can they be frozen for?
They look wonderful, my husband will be really thrilled to have these Christmas day!
Kind regards Dawn Adams

The yummy Hot Smoked Salmon/s arrived on time and look absolutely delicious as usual and very attractively package too. Shall we be greedy and have all of them over Christmas? I think you know the answer to that. Thanks very much once more and we wish you a Merry Christmas with kindest Regards, Peggy-Ann Courtman

Thanks. Arrived safely - love the newspaper!! Viv Phillips

Thanks Stuart, smokies received.
Have a great Christmas Gail

Many thanks
We will ensure someone is here to take delivery.
Have a good Christmas.
John Kelly

Cant wait since living in the south from north originally its been a long time since I've tasted Arbroath smokies my xmas treat to myself thanks

hi the parcel arrived yesterday and was taken in by a neighbour - its a Christmas gift for my father (who is 86) so hope he enjoys them. regards for the good service.

Good Afternoon Stuart,
The Smokies have arrived and are received with thanks. I hope I do them justice.
Have a good Christmas.

The Smokies arrived on Wednesday in good order and mum was absolutely chuffed. Many thanks.
Maria M.

hi stuart
had a phonecall from my brother who the smokies were for, they had arrived and he had eaten them says they were delicious so expect more orders - wonderful thanks Margaret J.

Hi Stuart,
Many thanks for the smokie which arrived safely today as promised. We're looking forward to sampling it.
Ginny Carlton

Many thanks, Stuart, very helpful and your suggestions sound delicious!
We look forward to trying them this w/e.
Best wishes Lindsey

Hi Stuart, wow them smokes are something else, Rick Stein was right there is nothing like them any were except in Arbroath. To honest I opened them and ate them up straight away, the wife said wait and have one for dinner, I said no I did not want to spoil the taste of them. Expect an order soon, talking about orders, the order I gave came on the day you said they would. I cannot thank you enough great Fish.
Dymuniadau Gorau, Best wishes Phillip Owens,

Your fish arrived in perfect condition today and I had one for lunch - as good as I remember as an ex Montrose lad.
All the best John

Hi Stuart,
Just to say many thanks indeed for sending the smokies and roast salmon. This was a wedding anniversary treat, beats chocolates and flowers any day!!
We thoroughly enjoyed both, absolutely delicious!!
Best wishes Amanda Nava

Hi Stuart
Fish is wonderful - thanks. We enjoyed it grilled with butter as suggested.
Thanks Val

I managed to rescue my smokies and salmon from Royal Mai on Saturday morningl, it was quite heartening as I was expecting an "all too difficult response" so credit to them.
Fish is fantastic.

Many thanks, Stuart, very helpful and your suggestions sound delicious! We look forward to trying them this w/e. Best wishes Lindsey

Thanks Stuart...all received in good order.
Made my ' Arbroath Smokie souffles '...looking forward to eating them !
Good luck with the weather...the children would like some snow down here !!
Happy Christmas.

Many thanks arrived this morning. They look lovely.

Hi Thank you for your email -I appreciate that you sent it as it is ressuring. I know my family really enjoyed the smokies last time you sent them and my dad who is very particular reported that the quality was execellent.[Many years ago he worked on the deep sea trawlers in the artic and so has eacting standards. Alison

Hello Stuart,

Just to let you know the Smokies have arrived with us in Essex this morning, safe and sound. This is my first order and I am really looking forward to trying them.
Merry Christmas

Hi Stuart,
Wednesday will be fine, thank you, we are looking forward to a real treat again
best wishes

Hi Stuart,
Received my smokies yestarday 6th Dec. very nice, will be ordering more after christmas. Ta Bob.

Hi Stuart, Thank you for the prompt reply. We had the smokies today and they were truly delicious so we look forward to receiving the other pair and trying your wife's pate. The address is correct. Many thanks
John Hills

Hi Stuart,
I thought I must let you know what a great success the smokies were at my Christmas party. I served them up with home made pickled cucumber and a creamed horseradish sauce. My family absolutely loved them so in all likelihood you will be getting more orders from me.

Happy new year to you and yours.


Great. Thanks, Andrew Lester

Duly received thanks and, oh boy, do they look good :o)

Should be the first of many orders! Have a jolly Christmas and New Year and thanks again for a fantastic service.

Liz Walker

Well done Stuart,looking forward to it
Bert pimblett.

Hi Stuart,
I have just picked them up from our stores and they look marvellous. Thanks very much for your business, and we look forward to tasting them. Cheers


My friend's fish arrived at 12.30 and by 1pm only the bones were left! Thank you for a superb product and excellent service.

Hi Stuart,
Thanks so mcuh for doing that, we are sure it will speed Les on his way to recovery!
Audrey & Alan

A fragrant parcel arrived today in tip-top condition - thank you so much.

Guess what's for supper?!

Jenny Hill

Just wanted to let you know the fish arrived on Saturday and I made my fish pie and it was a HUGE success so thankyou very ,much...cheque finally in the post...(sorry, all got a bit hectic!)....will be ordering a couple of roast salmons soon...(It was Delia's Luxury smoked fish pie that I made by the way, if you want to put the recipe on your website...absolutely gorgeous...
try it if you haven't had it before...gorgeous!)

Thanks again,

Just been on your recipe/web site. You're clearly very passionate about you Arbroth's. Your wife looks lovely and kind.
K Squires

Good Morning Stuart
I did wonders with your Arbroaths! Cheesie sauce, horseradish, Worcester sauce and LOTS of black pepper, flaked the fish and mixed - then under the grill. It was heavenly! Will follow one of YOU'RE recipes when you send us some more!
Thank you.

Hi. Will look forward to receiving these. A friend is waiting patiently for the delivery as she absolutely loves these and I have promised her one. Kind regards, Brenda Thompson.

Hello again, the smokies did turn up and we really enjoyed them. I will be getting more in the future. Thanks again
Sent from Samsung mobile

Hi Stuart

Received this morning – thank you. Had a sneaky taste before tonight’s party and the smokies are delicious, many thanks for sending them speedily. Kindest regards


Hello Stuart,

My Arbroath Smokies arrived this morning. Thank you very much for your wonderful fish and brilliant service. Very best regards,


Youre a star,thanks

Thank so much for this. I have the smokies (they look fabulous) but they must have arrived when my son was here and he's gone off with the pate......I'm seeing him Thursday so will enquire!!

Very thoughtful of you
Kind regards

"Dear Stuart,

My order was waiting on my desk when I arrived this morning – perfect timing. Many thanks for your help.
Kind regards,"

Janet Elvin

"Dear Stuart,

Thanks for this. Please send on your usual run next week. It’s years since I had a smokie and will be worth the wait.

Best wishes,

Hello just had one of your smokies for my tea brilliant bought them last wk when up in ArbroathThanks for this. Please send on your usual run next week. It’s years since I had a smokie and will be worth the wait.

Scott N. - Facebook

"Hi Stuart and family,

Thanx so much for the smokies, they were so lovely. I would pay the postage in the future as you are selling yourself short! You don't often get that in a Scotsman (that's what my dad said and he's Scottish I take that as read). What wonderful products, I've passed your address onto my posh foodies here in sassanac country. Thanx again, Caroline Wood"

"Hi Stu,

Thank you so much. We and all our guests very much enjoyed the smokies on Christmas Day and I look forward to the next occasion when I can use the ones in my freezer. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year. Best wishes, Gail"

"Hi Stuart and family,

Thanx so much for the smokies, they were so lovely. I would pay the postage in the future as you are selling yourself short! You don't often get that in a Scotsman (that's what my dad said and he's Scottish I take that as read). What wonderful products, I've passed your address onto my posh foodies here in sassanac country. Thanx again, Caroline Wood"

"Hi Stuart,

The Arbroath Smokies have arrived yesterday and despite the long journey they were still in perfect condition and really delicious, thank you so much!
I noticed the postage was quite high though, please do let me know if your costs were not covered and I will be happy to refund extra costs. Having watched the video on your homepage now I realised it was actually your shop in Arbroath where I bought my first ever arbroath smokie last year so it is really great to have more of this at home now.

Thank you so much again
All the best,

"Received yesterday. Very nice. Thanks."

"Hi Stuart,

No problem, they go into a traditional Latvian salad along with some special herrings, my family would be upset if it wasn't usual recipe. We eat it on Christmas eve. Now I  know  I can get them direct from you will be doing so again.

Many thanks for delicious arbroath smokies!
Merry Christmas "

"Thank you for the infomation. We ate some of the arbroath smokies on Burns Night (froze the rest), they were so delicious and were very much enjoyed by our guests. We will definitely order more in the future, so keep an eye on your emails!!"

Lesley (Redditch, Worcestershire)

"Dear Stuart, YES they arrived on Friday and he ate them today and said they were delicious-I will be ordering more! Thanks very much. Fiona"

"Excellent. thank you"

"Hi Stuart, your arbroath smokies are most delicious ! Thanks for your excellent service I will be ordering some more soon ! Can they be delivered on fridays any week? regards Ralph"

"The Arbroath Smokies and Haddock arrived safely today Looking forward to my tea and will reorder in a little while. Mrs E Matthews"

"Very nice indeed"

"Many thanks Stuart,

Collected them yesterday from Post Office. Sheer ecstasy! Many thanks, Gareth"

"Hello Stuart,

You are so kind, would love it if you would mail a few this way. Catriona Smith"

"Dear Stuart,

What a great thing you have done to lift the spirits of someone you may never meet. We will make sure you are amply reimbursed. I can't wait to receive the package! Ha! I will keep you posted. Fondly, Cat"


"Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your prompt reply - the order arrived this afternoon - thursday. You reassured me by explaining the packaging i.e. vacuum pack and gel cool. In fact I used one pack to make pate this evening and it was superb. Thanks Stuart and Seasons Greetings to you. Best Wishes Terry."


"Hi Stuart,

The parcel arrived Friday, well done. The fish was a great success highly commended. Many thanks, Patricia."


"Hi Stuart,

Mission accomplished! They arrived today. They smell wonderful even through the plastic. I am sure the Arbroath Smokies will add all the additional Omega threes, sixes and twelve's. Thank you for being so kind and helping strangers make a very special Scottish granny happy. Sincerely, Smith."


"Dear Stuart,

Many thanks for dealing with our Christmas parcels, very well done and a pleasure to deal with someone that is willing to put a bit of effort into it. Marry Christmas, Colin."


"Hello Stuart,

Many thanks for the prompt reply. Goodies arrived safely this morning and they look and smell delicious! Merry Christmas, David."



Hi again. I've just had an email from my wife and I quote: "The Arbroath Smokies have landed!" Arbroath Smokies are on the Christmas menu! Thanks, Ian"


"Fish arrived this morning as advised, well packed, in good condition a A1 product and service. Thanks. Steve."


"Hi again Stuart,

Good news. I can confirm receipt of the SMOKIES this morning. Many thanks and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Regards, Richard."


"Hi Stuart,

All arrived safely at Cheltenham, will be in touch for more Arbroath Smokies for Burn's night early in 2010. Have a great Christmas. Kind regards, Mike"


"Hi Stuart,

Just to let you know that they arrived today and smell great; looking forward to them. All the best, Rod."


"Smokies turned up today. Fantastic! thanks again, Doug Stokes."


"Hi Stuart,

Smokies arrived today! Thanks very much. Sue."



Many many thanks they have just arrived. Have a good Christmas. Best wishes, regards, Steve Agar"


"Hi Stuart,

All arrived OK, very nice. Thanks, Andy"


"Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your quick reply. I will let you know when they arrive. Many thanks for all your efforts to get the smokies to us for Christmas. Kind regards, Gail"


"Dear Stuart,

The Smokies have arrived - thank you so much for sending them in time for Christmas. I am looking forward to having them as a starter on Christmas Day. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Dorrie."


"Ordered 2 smokies 1 salmon to arrive today on 23/12/09 salmon arrived tasted already and its lovely. Many thanks, Nigel."



Many thanks for the arrival of the Smokies and Salmon!!. My father is a very happy man. Have a peaceful xmas and a happy New Year. Kind Regards, Sue."


"Hi Stuart,

They arrived safely yesterday, thank you so much for being so good about it, I will highly recommend you to anyone else who wants to order these on-line. We're looking forward to eating them tomorrow as our Christmas lunch starter..

Next door's cat is enjoying the others, a real Christmas treat for him!

Merry Christmas!



"thanks, they arrived today and have been made into a lovely pate/mousse. As a Scot living in England I enjoyed the daily record they were wrapped in!!!

Thanks and Merry Christmas, Clare"


"Hi Stuart,

2nd batch of fish arrived safely today. Thank you for all your effort, much appreciated. Have a lovely Christmas. Margaret"


"Hi Stuart,

Thank you for your email. I have with PayPal and have advise I was most satisfied with your service. Have a great Hogmanay and look forward to ordering some more Smokies in the New Year. Kind Regards, Sue."


"Hi Stuart,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly - for delivery of the Arbroath Smokies - I'm sure we won't starve between now and then! Thanks again, Happy New Year, Doreen."


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Buy Arbroath Smokies Online direct from us. We offer Smoked Fish that has been cooked in a traditional way which is famously known as Arbroath Smokies. We also have many fish recipes that will delight those who love fish. An Arbroath Smokie is a Smoked Haddock which is a specialty of Arbroath. If you are looking to order fish online, then why not buy some of our Arbroath Smokies or buy Smoked Salmon.



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Welcome to Arbroath Smokies Direct. Arbroath Smokies Direct is the premier site for ordering arbroath smokies online. What is an Arbroath Smokie? An Arbroath Smokie is a smoked haddock and our fish is fresh and organic. Where can I buy arbroath smokies? Arbroath Smokies can be ordered from Arbroath Smokies Direct who are the premier supplier of Arbroath Smokies online. If you live in the vacinity of East Scotland you could come visit us direct and buy Arbroath Smokies direct at our shop next to Arbroath Harbour and meet us in person. There are many recipes to cook your smoked haddock, but the best way to prepare fresh fish can be seen in our Arbroath Smokies video.

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Arbroath Smokies are as famous for Scotland as is Tartan. Home-coming Scotland see's our Arbroath Smokies enjoyed more than ever and on April 6th each year in America they even have a Tartan Day where they like to celebrate all things Scottish, including Arbroath Smokies!

Happy New Year from all of us at Arbroath Smokies Direct. We hope you have a good 2012. Why not buy some Arbroath Smokies to celebrate the New Year, or order smokies for Burns Night, certainly when it comes to "Burns Night food" our smokies are a must have for your "Burns Night menu", Burns Supper is not only popular in Scotland but throughout the world many people enjoy the traditional Burns Night Menu of Arbroath Smokies, occassionally along with Haggis.
Year of Light is another celebration of a local Arbroath landmark, the Bell-Rock Light-house Anniversary'. Why not order a pack of our great tasting Arbroath Smokies, they make a great present' for Valentines day, Birthday gift. Happy Mothers Day, Fathers Day. B+B