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Smokie Cullen Skink Soup

Another tasty recipe from Arbroath Smokies Direct.

400g flaked Arbroath Smokies - 1 pair of, 1 medium onion, 1 1/2 pints of milk, 2 table spoon of butter, 8oz mashed potatoes, salt + pepper, 1/2 pint of fish stock (can be from a stock cube)

Make 1/2 pint of fish stock and add the flaked smokie, add onion sliced and pepper + simmer for 15 minutes, strain + reserve fish stock. Add milk to the fish stock and bring to boiling point, add enough mashed potatoes to a likeable consistency, put fish/onion back in and reheat and season to taste, add butter in small cubes and stir through the creamy soup and serve with triangles of toast

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